The Acme Novelty Archive - An Unofficial Chris Ware Database

Undated Items

"Big Tex" 2-sided Silkscreen
"Elderly Jimmy Corrigan" Oil Painting
"Forbidden Sex Creeps: The Kind Men Like" Stickers
"I Guess" Roughs
"Lake St." 2-sided Silkscreen
"Lil' Dinky Do" (Original Art)
"Lines On Paper" Contribution Card
"Pow" Comics
"Rocket Sam" 2-sided Silkscreen
"Rocket Sam" Cut-out Rocket 2-sided Silkscreened Poster
"The Constellations" Silkscreen
"Untitled" - Quimby Letterpress
'Bande' Original Strip
'Donut Sissy' Minicomic
'European Naked Robot' Minicomic
'Hippy Hag' Minicomic
'Indifferent' animation
'Living Large' Minicomic
'Oh! The Grandeur' Poster
'Robot' Self Portrait
'Stuffed Onion' Minicomic
'Yard Thing' Minicomic
2006 Harvey Award Winner
2006 Ignatz Nominations
2007 Eisner Nominations Submission
7 foot Superman Painting
7th annual Oak Park Historic House Walk
Aborted Screensaver sketch
Acme Novelty Library #18.5 Portfolio (Upper East Side Edition)
Acme Novelty Library Report to Shareholders Promotional Standee
Acme Novelty Library Stand-up Display
Acme Sampler
Adult Entertainment Poster (1993?)
Bambule Boombule - "Beginner"
Best American Comics 2007
Big Tex Chicken Animation
Blab: A Retrospective Exhibition Catalog
Building Stories - Publisher's Weekly Review
Bunnyhop #9
Chicago Comics Frisbee
Chickfactor Interview
Clowes / Deitch / Ware Quimby's Signing Poster
Comic Art! Exhibition Poster
Counterfeit Jimmy Corrigan T-shirt
Crash #3
Destroy All Comics #5: Interview
Different Beat #1
Different Beat 'Jam' Poster
Entertainment Weekly 'New Classics' List
Express Jeans Zipper-fly Tag
Fairy Tale Road Rage Boardgame
Fireproof Press Logo
Fireproof Press T-Shirt
First Amendment Project Auction
Frank Santoro Interview
French Jimmy Corrigan Ex Libris
Graphic Novels: A Visual Language
Greta and Matt McClintock Wedding Finger Puppets
Interview, Hypno Magazine
Jab #4
Jimmy Corrigan 3 Color Print
Jimmy Corrigan Magic Souvenir Book of Views
Jimmy Corrigan Reward Booklet
Jimmy Corrigan Sequence Tattoo
Joe Matt's "Jam" Sketchbook
Krazy & Ignatz 1925 Postcard
Lambiek Gallery / Bookshop Logo
Les Inrocks 2: 100 BD Indispensables
Livejournal Avatar
Lumpen #5.5
Lunch Hour / Chip Kidd Collaboration
Madman Comics #14
Make Magazine #8
Mardou's Playing Card Collection
Oak Park Library Permanent Collection
Post-it Sketch
Potato Guy / Scissors Animation
Quimby Car Crash Animation
Quimby Hammer Animation (B&W)
Quimby Hammer Animation (Color)
Quimby Mouse Reward Booklet
Quimby the Mouse Picture Cards Wax Pack
Quimby the Mouse Xmas Strip
Quimby's Circular Business Cards
Quimby's Color Sticker
Quimby's Logos
Quimby's Sign
Quimbys door sign
Quimbys Interior Signage
Raeburn Algorithmatic Figure
Ragtime Ephemeralist Website
Reward Action Movies Flipbook
Robot Power Version 20.5
Rocket Sam Crutches Animation
Rocket Sam Painting
Rocket Sam Postcard
Ruin: Your Life – Draw: Cartoons!" Silkscreen
Schizo #2
Sea and Cake Poster
Sparky The Singing Cat Mechanical Sculpture
Tales of Tomorrow Postcards
The Escapists #1
The New Yorker: February 15 & 22, 2010
The Ragtime Ephemeralist #2
The Ragtime Ephemeralist #3
The Sequential Art (Movie)
This American Life 'I Saved Public Radio' Kit
This American Life Logo
Thrilling Adventure Stories
Uninked Exhibition Catalogue
Untitled Comics Documentary
Village Voice R&R Quarterly
Ware / Kidd / Clowes Poster
Ware Clowes Collab Sketch
X Fur U bookstore Calling Card