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Blab: A Retrospective Exhibition Catalog

Blab: A Retrospective Exhibition Catalog

128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-890751-15-9

84 color illustration;, graphic design by Monte Beauchamp; essays by David A. Beronš, Mark Frauenfelder, and Bill North; in-depth interview with Monte Beauchamp by Matt Dukes Jordan.

"The 128-page catalogue, designed by Beauchamp, contains 84 color illustrations and includes a range of essays that should be of interest to unfamiliar readers and aficionados alike. Bill North's "This Thing Called *BLAB!*: Notes Toward an Understanding" surveys the anthology from its inception in 1986 to the present. In "Blabbing about BLAB!" Mark Frauenfelder considers Beauchamp's methods as an art director from the perspective of the artists featured in BLAB!. David A. Beron "BLAB!: A Visual Journey" is a reflective recollection of his personal experience with BLAB! and the ways in which the anthology has informed his work as a scholar. Finally, Matt Dukes Jordan's extensive, in-depth interview with Beauchamp provides a frank and revealing glimpse into the mind of BLAB!'s creator."

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