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Different Beat #1

Different Beat #1

Fantagraphics Books

Back cover reprints a 1993 New City Jimmy Corrigan strip.

Promotional Description: "Rare, obscure, and previously unpublished comics, including: "Kids These Days" (starring Buddy Bradley) by Peter Bagge. "The Me [He?] That Walks" by Jaime Hernandez. "Scratchy Screwballs" by R. Crumb. "Say, Man" by Gilbert Hernandez. "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime" by Dan Clowes and Peter Bagge. plus "Bitchy Bith" by Roberta Gregory, "Frank" by Jim Woodring, "Idiotland" by Lieb & Allen... and Pat Moriarity, Terry LaBan, Chris Ware, Jeremy Eaton, and Joe Sacco. Cover by Dan Clowes. $3.50 in U.S."

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