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Acme Novelty Library #18.5 Portfolio (Upper East Side Edition)

Acme Novelty Library #18.5 Portfolio (Upper East Side Edition)

15" x 20"

On November 27, 2006, The New Yorker published four different covers by cartoonist Chris Ware. Taken as a whole, the drawings form a complete story, especially including final fifth strip which only appeared online.

Now, in response to popular demand, we’re pleased to bring you this special signed edition print portfolio containing all five of these drawings – each printed in full color on 15" x 20" heavy cream-colored paper, and hand-placed in a specially-designed hardcover portfolio. In addition to the original published Thanksgiving drawings, the artist has prepared a supplementary 16" X 11" comic strip which features many of the same characters, as well as a facsimile reproduction of his notes for the project, which he has also decorated with a unique hand-drawn doodle.

Limited Edition Series of 175, numbered and signed by Chris Ware

Dimensions: 15" x 20"

Price: $350.00

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