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Jimmy Corrigan Magic Souvenir Book of Views

Jimmy Corrigan Magic Souvenir Book of Views

16 pages

Self-published, color on newsprint.

"Provided here, and in the following 3 pages, is the first ever public introduction of Jimmy Corrigan's sad story, reproduced in miniature. This story was subsequently distributed by Fantagraphics Books in a larger, more deluxe format, with properly registered colors printed on paper made to withstand the passage of time. Somehow, we like this pathetic and ragged format just a little better.

No, you can't see any details, but you can gather the gestalt of our reproductive accumen simply by letting your gentle eye pass over this, the first page in the Acme Novelty Library's Souvenir Book of views.

Ah, our hero buys a sweater and ponders the death of his mother. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? Or perhaps that's merely a side effect of our color "reproduction" and "registration".

The last page in our little exposition - and my personal favorite. If only our scan was sharp enough for you to see Jimmy recognizing his naked mother in the verdant forest of his imagination... may we suggest that you contact The Acme Novelty Library, at 610 N. Humphrey, Oak Park, Illinois with a Postal Code of 60302 , where you may order one of the few remaining copies of this ephemeral, yet historic, publication, and thereafter meander through it's confusing and pointless story to your hearts content.

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