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New City's Lit 50


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June 17th, 2012

"#6: Asked before an auditorium of comic fans, scholars and creators to talk about the elaborate design work in one of his Acme Novelty Library collections, Chicago cartoonist Chris Ware seemed just a little embarrassed, as though his award-winning and critically acclaimed graphic novels were an awkward hobby, like collecting garden gnomes or drawing portraits of dead popes. This after his fellow panelists Dan Clowes, Seth and Charles Burns all expressed the mutual sentiment that every new book of his pushes them to raise their game. Despite this anti-hubris, Ware is warm and gracious speaking with his fans, in perhaps surprising contrast to the desperate anxiety of his characters such as Quimby the Mouse and Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth. In October, Pantheon Books publishes his new work ?Building Stories,? a collection of mini comics of varied designs in a boxed set that explores the lives of an apartment building?s residents through modular narratives, further upping the stakes for everyone who looks at comics and asks ?What more could be done??

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