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Quimby's 20th Anniversary Print

Quimby's 20th Anniversary Print


"This is a five color silkscreen print of Chris Ware's meticulous blueprint for the sign that extends out from the front of Quimby's Bookstore. What sign, you say? Click here to see what we're talking about."

"We wanted to do a print of Chris' work to offer our customers, and this was the image he suggested. We also knew that he had worked with Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine on prints in the past, so that was why we decided to work with the same printer."

"People often ask us if Quimby's Bookstore is named after Mr. Ware's Quimby the Mouse character. No, we are not named after that character. In a weird coincidence, both the name of the store and Ware's Quimby the Mouse character were serendipitously created at the same time without the knowledge of each other's creation. But both Steven Svymbersky (the original owner of Quimby's) and Eric Kirsammer (the current owner of Quimby's) are friends with Mr. Ware. And he was kind enough to design signage for us."

"This full color print measures 19" across and 13" high, and all the edges of every single one of these posters were ripped as per Mr. Ware's specifications at The Bird Machine screenprint shop in Skokie, Illinois, who also printed each one of these posters."

"This print is authorized by Mr. Ware. It measures 19" across and 13" high. It was hand-ripped as per his specifications. This print is an exclusive limited edition of 500, made just for Quimby's to celebrate our 20th birthday."

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