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Rejected Fortune Magazine Cover

Rejected Fortune Magazine Cover



May 2010

This rejected cover to the 2010 '500' issue of Fortune magazine was seemingly aired in public for the first time during a Pantheon books panel at C2E2, and quickly gained momentum via blog postings.

Notable: The illustrator whose cover was used (Daniel Pelavin) has written about the experience here:

"Regarding Chris Ware's "rejected" cover: When I was commissioned to design the cover, I understood that other covers were being assigned, as is the standard practice. Mine was a result of a close collaboration with the Fortune art department and nearly 50 sketches or revisions were done before the final art was completed. Chris Ware, of whose prodigious technical chops I am also a fan, as a celebrity designer was able to create his work without such scrutiny and took that opportunity to make clever, if not obvious, political statements. While I am in agreement with him on the issues, I nevertheless take pride showing respect for my client and expressing my political views in the appropriate arena."

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