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Chris Ware: A peek inside his art and soul

Chris Ware: A peek inside his art and soul

Graphic novelist to appear at Printers Row Lit Fest
By Christopher Borrelli.

Chicago Tribune
May 30, 2009

"There is humility."

"Then there is humility as practiced by artist Chris Ware. He is a Mt. Rushmore-size monument to self-doubt and deflation. “Annoying,” “self-conscious,” “overwrought,” “over thought,” “constipated” – the Oak Park cartoonist is rarely at a loss for briars of self-laceration aimed at his work, and even at his own humility. Which is a bit hard to reconcile with the work itself – so original and praised that Ware, routinely hailed as a genius, won an American Book Award in 2000 and landed in the Whitney Biennial in 2002."

“Inexplicably,” he said...[Full article]

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