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2008 VPRO Grand Prix

2008 VPRO Grand Prix



June 2008

"Chris Ware was nominated, along with Dominique Goblet and Naoki Urasawa, by an independent jury of three national and three international comix experts. A committee of one hundred Dutch language comix experts was invited for the final vote and the majority of them chose Chris Ware as the winner. Thus, Chris Ware is celebrated as a world class comix artist, along with the likes of Manu Larcenet, Lewis Trondheim, Joe Sacco, winners of the VPRO Grand Prix in 2006, 2004 and 2002 respectively. The VPRO Grand Prix entails a prize money of euro 1,000 and is awarded binannually for the occasion of the renowned European comix festival Stripdagen Haarlem in the Dutch city of Haarlem."

Below follow some quotes of the committee of Dutch language comix experts motivating their choice for Chris Ware:

‘With every new book Chris ware proves himself to be one of the main vanguard artists in contemporary visual storytelling.’

‘Within the parameters of his architecturally wrought comix structures, Chris Ware succeeds in analyzing the emotional turmoil of his apparently unmoved charcaters.’

‘On a graphic plane alone, Chris Ware is no less than brilliant. His work as a comix artist, but also as the graphic designer of his own ACME Novelty Library series, various posters and reprints of classic American comix (Krazy Kat, Gasoline Alley): it is all utterly wonderful! Also his sketches in the two ACME Novelty Date Books form further proof of his masterly eye.’

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