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Uninked Exhibition

Uninked Exhibition

Paintings, Sculptures and Graphic Works by Five Cartoonists
April 21st through August 19th, 2007

Phoenix Art Musuem

Ware curated this exhibition.


Five of the finest cartoonists currently working are also, not surprisingly, five of cartooning's finest artists. While the original ink-on-paper drawings which compose literary graphic novels and comic strips are generally only one step in the arduous process of creating a visual book, they are not necessarily intended to be seen as finished works in and of themselves. This exhibit chooses instead to focus on those artists whose work intentionally already extends beyond the page: rarely-seen drawings, paintings, lithographs, and sculptures which develop the extensive narrative worlds and ideas which every cartoonist has spent years, and in some cases, lifetimes, developing. The prolific artists presented - Kim Deitch, Jerry Moriarty, Gary Panter, Ron Rege, Jr. and Seth - have all devoted themselves to their imaginative work with an multifarious intensity at a time when a great deal of contemporary art mines its so-called visual "source material" from narrative popular culture but then chooses to blur or disregard its story content before enlarging it onto a gallery wall. By contrast, the work by these five artists - for whom storytelling is second nature - is unusually original, direct and full of life.

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