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30 years of Misfit Lit

30 years of Misfit Lit



December 2nd, 2006

Fantagraphics Books is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery on Saturday, December 2. Located at 1201 S. Vale Street in the heart of the Bohemian blue-collar arts community of Georgetown, this new retail enterprise carries a complete line of Fantagraphics comic books, graphic novels, classic cartoon reprints and foreign translations, as well as related volumes on comics history and criticism. The space will feature monthly exhibitions of compelling cartoon art and host events showcasing the most accomplished artists in comics and related media. This project marks the return to Fantagraphics of visual and performing arts producer Larry Reid in the role of Curator and Events Coordinator.

The inaugural exhibition, "30 years of Misfit Lit," celebrates three decades of Fantagraphics Books' innovative approach to the art form. This exhibition presents the broad range of contemporary cartoonists associated with Fantagraphics, including Peter Bagge, Jim Blanchard, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, R. Crumb, Ellen Forney, Roberta Gregory, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Ted Jouflas, Megan Kelso, Tony Millionaire, Joe Sacco, Carol Tyler, Chris Ware and Jim Woodring. The show opens with a festive reception on Saturday, December 2 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.

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