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Distributor Switch Comment

Distributor Switch Comment



April 19th, 2006

"My reason for shifting to Drawn and Quarterly/Farrar, Straus, and Giroux revolved around Norton's unwrapping, stickering, and then reshrinkwrapping the bookstore copies of The ACME Novelty Library #16 without my approval. Quite admittedly, this was done to correct a very boneheaded error of my own (I'd stupidly made the bar code too small to be scanned) and I spent an apologetic few days sending almost entirely unanswered queries to them trying to come up with some compromise that would save altering the book (like simply stickering over the shrinkwrap that was already extant.) As it turned out, Norton had already gone ahead and stuck it directly with a permanent label anyway, despite their claims that the decal could be easily removed. They then charged me for it. After this, I decided that they probably weren't a company I would want to deal with again, not only for their lack of communication, but because what I care about most is the quality and presentation of a book, especially one which is not cheap and one of the very few which I've ever considered perfectly printed, to say nothing of one which will never be reissued."

"Anyway, since this is probably the closest thing I'll ever make to a "public statement," I should add that I'm also pleased to associate myself with Drawn and Quarterly's fine catalog and publishing acumen, and that Fantagraphics and I remain quite convivial and amenable, and that this is all meaningless."

"On an unrelated note, I'd also add that Eric Reynolds should be given a special lifetime achievement award for being absolutely the most patient, friendly and indispensable person in comics publishing."

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