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Slam Bang #15

Slam Bang #15


Potato Guy

5.5 x 8.5"
32 pages with cardstock covers
Fan-Atic Press
January 1988

"For the crowd that liked their mainstream-y comics and more alternative fare to comingle, Slam Bang was the small press comics anthology of the '80s. Although recently revived, this issue is from the original run."

"This issue's highlights: a short interview with Kevin Collier (Fan Scene, Small Press Observer), several over-the-top strips about Slam Bang cartoonists, and a jam/sketch page made at the 1987 Chicago Con with drawings by Ernie Chan, Brad Foster, Scott Saavedra, Matt Feazell, Michael Dooney, Jim Rohn, Greg Giordano, Don Drake, John Peck and Alan D. Oldham."

"Also of note is a small strip by Chris Ware (Acme Novelty Library, Jimmy Corrigan). It's an odd one about his little potato man getting a creepy makeover."

"There's plenty more, of course, by Brad Foster (Goodies), Mike Urban (Liquid Love Comix), Dan Burke (Artmen), Allen Freeman (Captain Optimist), Tod Rush, Tim Corrigan (Small Press Comics Explosion, Mightyguy), Erik Weems (Two-Headed Dog), Michael Cain, Neil Vokes (Eagle), Vince Stone (Captain Confederacy), Quinton Hoover (Morgana X), Chuck Haspel and others (including letters column illos by Mark Martin, Ted Bolman and Robert Guthrie)."

"Over the course of 33 issues, Slam Bang presented the work of Mary Fleener, Jeff Gaither, Hilary Barta, Roger Langridge, Donna Barr, Mark Martin, Colin Upton, John Howard, Edward Bolman, Tom Hart, Roy Tompkins, Steve Woron, Brad Foster and many, many others."

Image provided by Rick Bradford.

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