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Krazy & Ignatz: The Complete Sunday Strips 1925 - 1934

Krazy & Ignatz: The Complete Sunday Strips 1925 - 1934



By George Herriman.

600 pages

"This limited-edition hardcover (1000 copies, never to be reprinted) collects the first five Krazy & Ignatz softcover collections books we have published, comprehensively collecting the years 1925 through 1934, under hard covers. It's not a slipcase, it's a single hardcover book. The covers to the original five softcover books are NOT included, but literally everything else is. And yes, we plan to similarly collect the years 1935-1944 and 1916-1924, as those next ten softcover volumes are completed. (Since we get asked this once in a while --even though it's covered in the first one we did, at the end of the book, ahem -- YES, we will go back and reprint the years prior to 1925, after we publish everything through 1944, when the strip ended). Because of the limited nature of this item, we are not distributing this through traditional bookstores or Diamond distribution. A beautiful, must-have brick of a book for the Ignatz in you (though lobbing it at any unrequited love interests WILL cause serious physical harm -- be warned)."

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