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The Acme Novelty Library Annual Report to Shareholders

The Acme Novelty Library Annual Report to Shareholders

By Chris Ware.

20 September, 2005
ISBN: 0375422951

On page 68, The man in the ad says, "Hey Baby, never mind about you and me...y'know?" When this was first printed in the "catalogue" edition of acme, the man in the ad says, "Hey baby, never mind that... how about you suck my dick?"

The paper cover slip of the book it has a copy number "_________ of 875,000." This might seem like a ridiculously high number for a first edition. In reality, there are only six versions of the number. The comic strip printed on the back of each numbered strip also reportedly has a different ending.

Numbers / Endings spotted thus far:
143,525 ("But of course", mushroom cloud)
What's yours?

Allen Rubinstein has put together a meticulous examination of the contents of this book, downloadable as a .pdf below.

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