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Print 51

Print 51


Jimmy Corrigan


Print's Regional Design Annual

Ware contributed the cover art.

Text: "Witness! Dozens of high-paid artisans and guildsmen compete with nationalist vigor for the undisputed soverignty of their own beloved 'local colors.'

EDUCATIONAL. Gasp! with surprise as it becomes painfully evident that the mechanisms of

  • High Speed Communication
  • Corporate culture
  • Plagarism
have all conspired to erode the notion of 'regionalism' in graphic design - but everyone's still making a ridiculous amount of money, anyway.

EXTRAVAGANT. Lament! All ye seasoned craftsmen -- and WATCH as the hard-won accomplishments of your LIFE'S WORK are CRUSHED by a generation of ignorant adolescents who know nothing of art, ideals, or ruling pens.

EXPENSIVE. It's a fun time for everyone. Finished off with swell games, puzzles and outrageously elaborate ads, this is certain to be this year's big deal book. Don't Miss it!

Special existential bonus: FIle this annual away when you're done reading it and then take it out again in twenty years. WOW!!" [In print. 1-800-258-0929 ($37)]

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