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The Paper Sculpture Book

The Paper Sculpture Book

By Frances Richard, Mary Ceruti, Matt Freedman, Sina Najafi.

Independent Curators Inc
October, 2003
ISBN: 0916365697

Book documenting all contributions to Cabinet Magazine's traveling 'Paper Sculpture' exhibition.

Ware contributes a previously unpublished 'paper dolls' strip, further detailing the life of the Female building owner in 'Building Stories.'

Ware's pages from this volume also appear to have been available in an 'unbound' form at exhibitions:

"These collectible and vivid double-sided sheets by master cartoonist and illustrator Chris Ware were originally offered through Cabinet magazine at “The Paper Sculpture Show,” a traveling exhibit in which the viewer/reader is invited to assemble three-dimensional sculptures from flat pages designed by 29 established and emerging contemporary artists. Each artist was given up to three pages with the instructions that assembly should require very basic materials such as tape and rubber bands. Each of the two pages (pages 135-138) measures approximately 9 1/2"x13 1/2". Printed on both sides of a durable text weight stock, Ware illustrates a woman's life story (in this case the older woman from Ware's recent New York Times "Building Stories strip) as an elaborate and emotive timeline to develop several paper dolls taken from seventeen chronological panels."

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