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Buenaventura "Original Comic Art" Exhibition Catalog


Summer 2003

Catalog from 2003 Buenaventura Gallery Exhibition, includes a self-portrait and brief commentary.

Each copy also includes 'Genuine Trash' from one of the artists exhibited.

"Alvin Buenaventura's Catalog of Original Comic Art is an enticing letter press-printed limited edition that accompanied an exhibition of artwork by many of today's most prominent 'alternative' cartoonists last July. Smartly, rather than attempting to document the show by reproducing displayed artwork, the catalogue succeeds in becoming a work of art itself, sporting (sometimes brand-new) self-portraits and brief comments by all participants regarding the collection and display of originals. An astute introduction (or 'Prelusion' as the case may be) by Ken Parille lays out the recontextualizing complexities of the original comic page's passage to unique work of art hanging in a gallery. There's also a genuine bit of 'artist's trash' included in every copy, further playing into the collector's quest for the 'original'."

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