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McSweeney's #06

McSweeney's #06


Comic Strips

Pgs. 131-135

Rejected version of frog prince story from 'Little Lit.'

"Mr. Ware was asked to contribute to the first issue of 'Little Lit,' an anthology of comics for kids edited by Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly. Mr. Ware sent the editors sketches, but these sketches were duly deemed, by all parties involved, inappropriate for kids, and were rejected on the basis of this inappropriateness. And so, Mr. Ware created another comic, a less brutally sad comic, and it was accepted and published. Because we have very few children reading our journal, we present to you Mr. Ware's sketches..."

This issue of McSweeney's came with a CD of music composed specifically to accompany each piece in the magazine. This piece was contributed by M. Doughty.

- Media: audio

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