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The Comics Journal #200

The Comics Journal #200

Fantagraphics Books
December 1997

Color cover, 6 pg. (pgs. 173-178) B&W sketchbook excerpt, 1 pg B&W Advertisement for Acme Novelty Library Floor Display (pg.103), Longform interview w/ Gary Groth.

Text from the cover:

"The Comics Journal - The magazine of news, reviews and mean-spirited back-stabbing. Published by the Fantagrafics Co. who shrewdly employ it as a promotional organ for the promulgation of their own products & periodicals. The critical companion for those connoisseurs of the cartoon art who are otherwise too mentally incompetent to judge whether something is of quality themselves. Celebrating a decade and a half of
  • Muscular Weightlifters in stretchpants & capes
  • Monsters, aliens, spaceships, and robot girls with tits
  • Cute animals that drive cars and talk to each other
It's a big party and everyone's invited! Featuring lengthy discussions with artisans who make their livings drawing weird-looking bald kids.

Marvel at the survival of a children's literature stuck in the twilight of puberty for over one hundred years and join in a spirited roundtable positing its future as a mature medium capable of worldly accomplishments, derring-do, and a host of other thrilling stations. All spiffed up with fancy covers, Heartfelt tributes, and inarticulate spite, this issue will be the one to keep for weeks to come."

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