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Hearsay: University of Texas Exhibitions

Hearsay: University of Texas Exhibitions




U of T Exhibitions

"If you're asking this of Chris Ware, I certainly wouldn't presume to guess at his motivations. But remembering him from art school days at the University of Texas, Austin, I can only assume that his wit and intelligence are best served in the comic genre. Chris worked in various media in school days, and always with non-traditional and VERY inventive results. I recall one 'installation' he did for a student show where he put his print-making skills to use printing on sticks of chewing gum, and then invited the viewers to actually help themselves to the 'prints.' He then asked them to do something with the prints once the flavor was gone, but I don't now recall what that was."

"His student paintings were as inventive as his comic strips which he was even then producing daily for the Daily Texan student paper, and publishing. His Floyd McFarland comic was published while he was still at UT. Whether or not he still paints I don't know, but the covers for New Yorker are usually reproductions of paintings, I think."

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