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Palooka-ville #6

Palooka-ville #6


Writing / Essays

By Seth.

November 1994

Letter published:

Dear Seth,
     Just bought and read your fifth issue and I think I like it best of them all so far. The stuff in the fourth one that made me feel creepy (the girl smiling at you at the end) you turn around and throw back in my face as a crucial element of the story. I especially like the way you skipped the whole "meeting her" bit and got right to the sleeping together part. It made me laugh out loud. Plus, your increasing "analysis" of the self-conciousness of "style", bothe "drawn" and "performed" is starting to make me feel really uncomfortable (this is not a criticism). It's hard not worrying about how you look, etc., and being "honest" with yourself.

Chris Ware
Chicago, ILL

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