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Hooked on Comix Vol. 2

Hooked on Comix Vol. 2




Directed by David P. Moore

Video profiling Ivan Brunetti, Charise Mericle, Chris Ware, Archer Prewitt, Jessical Abel & Terry LaBan.

"The new HOOKED ON COMIX Volume 2 offers a rare glimpse at six cutting-edge cartoonists talking about their lives, their work, and the alternative comics scene. HOOKED ON COMIX is an entertaining documentary that delves into the dedicated and creative minds behind some of the best work in alternative comics. HOOKED ON COMIX takes an over the shoulder look into the back breaking, sometimes mysterious world of alternative cartooning, where one persons vision comes to life on paper."

"Boy! My favorite city (Chicago, Ill.) and my favorite subject (squirming, self-conscious, pasty-faced cartoon geniuses) all in one movie! This is what we in the business call ‘filmmaking magic.’" Daniel Clowes, Creator of Eightball

"Fascinating, entertaining, but most of all significant. Moore’s eclectic documentary provides an intense and enjoyable journey through the minds and studios of six revered, controversial, and remarkable cartoonists." Monte Beauchamp, creator and editor of BLAB! magazine

"An appealingly stripped-down, highly entertaining and frequently illuminating documentary, David Moore’s HOOKED ON COMIX Vol. 2 is a rare example of a comics documentary that keeps its focus squarely on comics." Milo George, The Comics Journal

HOOKED ON COMIX features: Ivan Brunetti (Schizo), Cherise Mericle (Eye Spy), Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid On Earth, Acme Novelty Library), Archer Prewitt (Sof' Boy), Jessica Abel (Artbabe), and Terry LaBan (Eno & Plum, Unsupervised Existence, International Bob).

Music by Archer Prewitt, Chris Ware (Piano), Mark Greenberg, John Swihart, and Edward Hobbs.

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