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Multi-Story Building Model

Multi-Story Building Model


Building Stories

By Chris Ware.

16 x 19 inches
14 pages
Drawn & Quarterly
ISBN: 978-1-77046-113-0

Signed and numbered, limited edition of 1000.

"Presented as an absolutely unnecessary addendum to the already-unmanageable ?Building Stories? graphic novel (Pantheon Books: October, 2012) this outrageously expensive signed limited edition print will find few interested parties or adherents to its demanding, labor-intensive brand of rainy day leisure ? though it offers to the discriminating and unsocialized reader the promise of a complete 11" x 16" x 18" reference model of the multi-unit apartment building imagined therein, with the top floor represented by full furnishings, discarded clothing, one-sided conversations and even false memories. Sure to one day be a collector's item when flammable tinder is at a premium, be prepared to start your post-apocalyptic campfire now with this 13 sheet collection of dry technical drawings, paper thin walls and cramped psychological spaces."

14 sheets, full color

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