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Skibber Bee Bye

Skibber Bee Bye


Cover Quotes

By Ron Rege.

Drawn & Quarterly
July 25, 2006
ISBN: 1896597963

Ware contributes an advertising blurb:

"Ron Rege Jr. is probably the greatest 'new' cartoonist (whatever that is) I can think of in the tradition of 'pioneers' like Herriman, Sterrett, McCay, et al, in that he has wholly reinvented the comic strip language to suit his own idiosyncratic vision. His apparently simple yet beautifully complex little line drawings seem to spring from the very essence of 'the form'; they're warm, funny, sad, smart, stupid--and, best of all, alive. His stuff should shut every idiot up who thinks that the comic strip is 'dead.'" - Chris Ware (Source)

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