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By Jeffrey Brown.

Top Shelf Productions
25 September, 2003
ISBN: 0971359768

Cover Quote: "An extremely impressive debut, full of all the things that make a tory good -- doomed relationships, embarrassing personal details, and the insatiable need to put it all down on paper. This was one of my favorite books to come out in the past year. - Chris Ware"

"... I think Jeff Brown's cartoons are really great. He gets closer to the feeling of real experience better than most cartoonists, yet he works in a very unaffected, diary-like style... In fact, his work is at its best when it's not drawn at all, when you can actually feel him trying to just find the figures on the page; he's not trying to be fancy or anything." - Chris Ware, From an interview in The Comics Journal Special Edition #4 (Source)

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